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Welcome To AromaCup™

AromaCup™ is an alternative single serve coffee pod
that is KCup®* compatible and provides less waste.

Try AromaCup™ from these great coffee companies:

What is An AromaCup?

  • An AromaCup™ is a specially designed pod delivering better taste and less waste.
  • AromaCup™ allows you to brew through a mesh filter instead of a plastic container.
  • The AromaCup™ not only delivers great taste, the pod allows you to smell the coffee before and during the brewing process.
  • The AromaCups™ are Keurig Compatible today and will be Keurig* 2.0 Compatible in Q1 2015.
  • The AromaCup™ format supports independent coffee roasters which provides better variety and taste for you.

The Facts on Single Serve Coffee

  • There are 25 million single serve brewers in North America and growing
  • 15% of households now have a single serve brewer
  • 41% of coffee spending is now devoted to single serve formats
  • 61% of adults consumed coffee yesterday
  • 81% of coffee drinkers had coffee at home yesterday

The Eco-Impact of Single Serve

It’s been estimated that if you took all the Kcups®* purchased in the last year, you could make a chain that would circle the Earth 11 times.

AromaCup™ is part of a new future in single serve to help coffee & tea drinkers make a difference for the environment. In 2015 a compostable pod will become available.

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